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So that the best SaaS solutions find their way into the Swiss healthcare sector.

The Swiss healthcare sector is central to the functioning of our society. As part of Switzerland's critical infrastructure, it is exposed to a wide variety of influences: not only digitalization and thus the topics of digital sovereignty and digital resilience are playing an increasingly important role, geopolitical factors are also increasingly coming to the fore. HINT AG's National Healthcare Cloud ensures that the Swiss healthcare sectors' particularly sensitive information is securely digitized, stored and processed. And this on Swiss soil, according to Swiss law and the highest security standards. The Marketplace on the National Healthcare Cloud brings together the best SaaS services from leading healthcare software providers.

Security redefined: Your healthcare SaaS solutions, also via SCION.

At a time when data protection and security in healthcare are of immeasurable importance, we are setting new standards. We have decided to also offer our premium healthcare SaaS solutions via the SCION network. A protocol that meets the highest security requirements while offering unparalleled performance. Choose future security, reliability and performance.

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Why join the Marketplace?

HINT AG – Healthcare digitalized securely. That is our mission. As a leading ICT player in the Swiss healthcare sector, we work on this with a lot of passion every day.

5 reasons why you should work with us:

We give you market access: As part of the National Healthcare Cloud, we give you access to the Swiss healthcare market, opening up new growth and sales potential for you.

We reduce complexity: We know the Swiss healthcare system like no other ICT service provider and advise you in all matters - right up to the introduction of your solution and beyond.

We keep the shop running for you: Our DNA is called "Run the Business". For you, this means that we not only take care of compliance, data protection and cyber security, but also handle all operational and support processes for you. This reduces your operational expenditure and allows you to concentrate fully on your core business.

We support you with our Application Services: We not only take over general operating and support processes for you, but also offer you services relating to your application on request.

We offer you a customer base: As a leading ICT player in the Swiss healthcare sector, we have a broad customer base with which we can position your solution accordingly.

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The ecosystem for healthcare professionals: Seamless integration on our community cloud

In the connected world of healthcare, easy and secure integration is everything. While on-premises solutions required specific interfaces, the era of cloud and SaaS requires new, more flexible approaches. With our marketplace, we not only offer you middleware for leading SaaS solutions, but also the perfect platform for your own service - all bundled in a powerful community cloud.

🌐 Unified ecosystem: Join a network that brings together leading healthcare solutions. With support from HL7, FHIR and CDA, we ensure a smooth integration.

🔗 Simple data exchange: Don't care about the complexity of hybrid multi-cloud constructs and past on-premises challenges. Our integrated community cloud simplifies data exchange and drastically reduces integration time.

🛡 Maximum data protection & sovereignty: Our community cloud not only meets the highest security standards, but also complies with the precise guidelines on data security, data protection and digital sovereignty that the Swiss healthcare system requires.

Your advantages? Faster implementations, seamless data exchange and access to an ever-growing network of healthcare solutions.

Use the potential of our National Healthcare Cloud and bring your offering to the forefront of the digital healthcare market.